The Library at the Sophia Saly School

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In the second half of 2019, we asked the Principal and Teachers at The Sophia Saly School what they needed most. And they told us a library πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š. SoΒ were made it our goal to help fund and construct one.Β 

Thanks to every one of you, who supported us by purchasing practical, upcycled, ethically made products...we were able to fund the library by January 2019. Yay!!!

We visited the School in February in 2020. It was amazing and heart warming to see everyone. We delivered 252 NEW uniforms to all the students and the planning for the construction of the library was set. No-one could have imagined that in less than a month, Cambodia, Australia and the world would close down. And that in Melbourne we would find ourselves in stage 4 lock-down living under curfew and restricted to travel no more than 5km from home, and only for permitted reasons.

* Some of the 252 students at the Sophia Saly School who received new uniforms. Made possible from your support!Β 

The School had to close down and construction stalled. Like other parts of the Β world we had no idea when we would be able to re-open or begin construction again. But slowly things in Cambodia began reopening again. And we were able to begin construction in late May 2020.Β 

And in June we have almost completed our little library. Just some signs and a bit more painting to go :)

Yay! So what is next. We have trained Librarian (her salary funded by the Cambodian government) ready to go and books ready to go in πŸ’“.

And excitedly the school itself will reopen some time this month. Fingers crossed. Given the escalating Cover-19 situation in Melbourne...this completion has been such a nice ray of hope and sunshine 🌞.

We will definitely keep you updated. Thank you for your continued support. It allows us to help make the world a little cleaner and a little fairer.Β 

As a small thank you, you have just discovered a secret reward πŸ’°. For 15% OFF storewide, at checkout use the code: SUPPORTEDUCATION Β 

This code expires 31st August 2020.

From everyone here,

Thank you.Β 

The Library Project was built in collaboration with the charity BabyTree Projects 🌳. 




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