Baby Tree Projects

Many Cambodian children live in extremely difficult circumstances. these are areas in Cambodia that are heartbreakingly poor. In some parts, 90 per cent of the people live below the poverty line, 80 per cent of the people never complete primary school and only 2 per cent go on to graduate from secondary school.

These figures are not surprising when you consider that the struggle to survive consumes every adult, every child and every family. Β 

BabyTree Projects (BTP) target remote rural areas and only after talking with village leaders and meeting the villagers and the children do we commit to a project. Some of the children we meet are the most resourceful, intelligent and inspiring souls we have ever met. When we ask them what they want to be when they grow up their answers are in no way diminished by their circumstance. The one thing they all ask for is an opportunity, a chance. Β Give them this chance and they will never let go of it. Β BTP number one aim is to give them this chance. Β BTP also aspires to develop projects where children from all over the world help children in Cambodia. We believe that a young person who experiences the joy of helping others will want to carry this on into their adult lives. Our future and theirs depends on it.

Watch the video for the construction of the Sophia Saly School Project built by BabyTree Projects and opened in April 20th 2014.Β This is where the English program funded by our backpacks will be launched.Β