The Story of Just say, We fail

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Dear Keepers,


The world can change very fast. And it just did. Not just for a few. But for the many. The unexpected and unprecedented impact of Covid-19 has left many of us, at such a loss and grappling to cope.

We won’t lie, we as a business, is one of them. 

The last weeks has felt like we have been in a fight, that we weren’t aware of. Being smashed around in a chaotic ocean. In one moment, unseen forces knocking you down, and as you dizzily get up, a second later, another unseen force knocks you down. Again and again. A thousand times over. 

I went into this journey. This chasing of a dream. Knowing that I could fall. Or I could fly. 

I never thought, in my million moments of hoping and planning, that when I thought of falling, that others could fall with me. Our Keepers in Australia, and in Cambodia. And potentially the education of some of our students. That is the part that makes me sad. Not the dying of a dream.

But the dream is not dead! Yet :). 


So some IMPORTANT changes happening with us:


  • We have decided to close down our Fitzroy Store. After 31st of March we will begin moving out. So don’t go there :)
  • Our Melbourne Central store remains open. Yay! Opening hours remain the same. For now. We will update everyone should circumstances change. 
  • We are moving to a dedicated e-commerce warehouse to grow our existing online business. We hope soon, all our full product range will finally be added to our online store :) Double Yay!


The longer this goes for, the less chance we have of getting through this. Which is a real possibility. But as always we know that there are others in worse off situations. And we are grateful for what we have. 


We hope that, as a society, if we can come together and help each other, then we will be able to get through this as better people. Check-in with your loved ones and your neighbours. Share and donate supplies for those that need it. We hear Australia Red Cross is running critically low on blood supply. If you are in a position to, donate blood, always needed but more so now during this time. 


As for this letter. We just wanted to let you know, we will give it everything we’ve got, and more. We will look at every possible avenue available to us to survive. But just in case we fall, we fail. That it won’t be the end. That we intend to find another way. And we will get up again. And give it another try. Again and again. A thousand times over if we have to. Just to see, if we get to fly.  


On behalf of all of us at BeeKeeper Parade,


We would like to say thank you so much for all your support so far!


Much much much love,


From William, Junjira, Adrian, Alexia and Fiona in Australia. 

From Sophy, Sitha, Akat, Kunthea, Noeut, Sineth, Seyha, Lida, Leysim, Sokim, Sarin in our Imaginarium, Cambodia. 

From Lork Groo (Principal), Kroo Mao (English Teacher), Sopheak (BTP Project Coordinator) and all the teachers and students at the Sophia School!

From me and also from Sophia who lives with the stars. THANK YOU Xxxxxx

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