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Hey Keepers! Yesterday was actually my birthday (yay!) and one of my goals before I hit the big 22 was to post a blog. Although I am one day late, I think I’ll forgive myself, and I hope you can too :) Please enjoy!!!

William with Ballons

Once upon a time - when I was just a little year 11 kid - I was walking the streets of Melbourne after school, looking for a bag. That is when I saw BeeKeeper Parade for the first time, struck by the alluring fabrics I walked into the little shop beneath the stairs.Β 

Like many of you I was captured by Koky, his story and the work of BeeKeeper before I could say the word backpack. I stayed in the shop talking for more than an hour before I even touched a product. Eventually I picked up a bag, and like Harry Potter getting his first wand, the bag had chosen me.

William at Euro Disney with bag on

Since then, my backpack: has traveled with me to over 25 countries; been my daily carry for 3 years of university; seen the start and end of my first real adult relationship; witnessed the birth of numerous first and second cousins; and countless other moments in my life.

I have had this bag for over five years and worked at BeeKeeper for more than two of those. Since then many things have changed but the love and admiration I have for this place has not. I am blessed to work here and blessed to have Koky as a boss, and even more so as a friend.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to stop and say thanks to Koky and all those who have made my BeeKeeper Journey such an amazing experience... so... THANK-YOU!!!


Until next time, stay bee-autifulΒ people,

William <3


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  • Love this Will, hope you write more soon!! ❀️

    Sarah on
  • I am both impressed and jealous your bag has travelled to 25 countries. I also have a bag that had chosen me but it is too precious.

    Having your boss as a friend is the best! :D

    Tracy on
  • Hope you had a great birthday (even in ISO)! I remember meeting you and Koky telling me how you became a Beekeeper! Keep up your great enthusiasm for life and all things Bee…keeper x

    Lisa Scully on

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