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A poem for my sister

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Today I write a letter for you.


On July 13th 1983, an angel landed on Earth,

And her name was Sophia Saly. 

She had a smile as wide as the universe,

A sense of humour so dark it could break light.

A superpower that was the glue to 11 people,

That made up our family. 


On the 10th of August 2012, 

We had a  conversation,

That triggered a promise.

And it bound me to this world, 

Even if you left it.


On the 15th of August 2012, 

It felt like you were ripped away. 

And it ripped a scar so deep in me it has never left. 

But if these scars is the price I pay, 

from just holding on to you, and every memory of you.

Then I choose to hold on to you.


As far away as you are. 

I still see you from across the universe.

If I could trade places with you, I would.


I send this letter to you.


From my heart, to the stars.




In memory of my darling sister.

Sophia Saly 13/07/1983 - 15/08/2012

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