Koky And Sophia

Koky and Sophia Saly

Koky Saly, founder of not-for-profit organisation BabyTree Projects, has dedicated the last seven years of his life to helping children in his native Cambodia by building schools in impoverished rural areas.  

Koky was born in prison during Cambodia’s civil war in the 1970s, escaping with his family when he was 3 years old. After living in Australia for most of his life, Koky felt it was time to go back and help rebuild his country.  With the help of Sophia Saly and founding members Claire McRae, Mitchell Miller and Pete Raab, BabyTree Projects was created. Five schools and plenty of fundraisers later,  BabyTree is giving Cambodian children vital access to quality education and a bright future to look forward to.  For Koky, rebuilding his homeland is as much about creating a sustainable planet as it is about quality education. Koky’s sister and best friend Sophia Saly passed away from cancer in 2012. They shared the dream of creating a social enterprise to fund the BabyTree schools and protect the world’s environment. In her will Sophia left Koky her car and requested that he used the proceeds to create a business that would inspire change - that’s how BeeKeeper was born.

Our story is still evolving and growing. We don't know where it will end. But fly or fall, we hope you are there, by our side. There is one thing we know for sure in this world. And that is Koky, always keeps his promises. 

Below is a video of the construction of the Sophia Saly School. In a beach village, somewhere along Cambodia's coast and where we will launch our English Classes. Just another promise Koky fought so hard to keep.

My name is Koky Saly, and I'm the founder of BabyTree Projects. Not long ago I was close to leaving this world. I was right on the edge. This is the story of why I remained. Because sometimes, to keep your promises, you have to share your pain.


Koky Saly speaks to News Breakfast about a new project which helps give children in third-world countries an education in memory of his sister.