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Thank you so much for your response to this survey. 

I just wanted to give you an update on the results and what is happening next. 

In the end we received over 150 replies. Which is a great pool of people for a survey. Based on these results it is feasible to try them all, but we will see. 


Here are the results. Please note that because we had people express interest in more than one product, the percentages won’t add up to 100%. I hope that makes sense. It does make for interesting results and goes a long way into helping us grow, change and navigate our way through Covid-19 and afterwards. It really has changed the game and if we are to survive, we need to change while at the same time, never moving away from who we are, and why I have dedicated everything I have to create Beekeeper Parade.



1: Cushion Covers: 77.50% (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


2: Hoodies + Jumpers: 63.21 % (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


3: Luggage/Suitcase: 43.57 % (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


4: Indoor Plants: 40% (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


5: Candles: 36.64 % (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


6: Puzzles: 34.24% (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


7: Nappy Bags: 31.03% (of responders said they would or very highly likely to purchase.) 


So this makes things very interesting. But we are delighted with the responses and does give us hope. 


We also are very thankful for people giving their thoughts and advice on which direction Beekeeper Parade should go. We will definitely still continue with our work through the bags range.


Below is a little bit more detail into each product and what stage they are in, some may make it to market, some may not, it depends on so many factors: 


1: Cushion Covers: Our bespoke cushion covers will be made completely from donated fabrics and clothes here in Melbourne. This allows us to continue to up-cylcle fashion and textile waste or excess. I learnt how to make backpacks to make BeeKeeper come true, so I definitely can learn to make cushion covers. It allows us to produce some products in Melbourne as well as our production house in Cambodia. In our research, we also discovered that a lot of buyers were also often interested in home decor, especially during Covid-19. This in particular included cushions. Maybe because we are spending much more time at home, we are all trying to make it as homey, relaxing and special as possible. At the very beginning cushions will be made by me, in Melbourne. 


2: Hoodies + Jumpers: If we made hoodies and jumpers we would look at manufacturing ethically in Australia or through fair-trade manufacturers. Research phase.


3: Luggage/Suitcase: This type of bag would be beyond our production house capacity at the moment. We also wouldn’t have the funds to invest in capital to begin this. We are looking at ethical production houses elsewhere that may be able to help us produce. 


4: Indoor Plants: For the same reason people are buying home decor items, people have also been buying indoor plants. This may seem so unrelated to us, but it’s not. From my own personal experience, covid-19 can be an extremely lonely time. Especially in Melbourne with severe restrictions on movement. Indoor plants for me was a life saver and helped with my mental health, in creating something at home with life to grow and take care of. We plan to create a sister business (made possible with a friend) that would focus entirely on indoor plants and home decor. Exciting so wait for that! Again, yes, I may seem to have no experience in this area, but when I started with bags, I had no idea how to sew either. I learnt how to do it. We currently have connected with local Melbourne nurseries and have developed our own nursery which is close to 150 plants so far. I have also started studying Horticulture online, because I might as well, if I am stuck inside every night under curfew. And I love learning!


5: Candles: We are at the stage of researching. 


6: Puzzles: This may seem out of no-where. But we have been approached by a Melbourne publisher who will help us produce a puzzle that allows us to share the story behind Beekeeper Parade. We are currently drawing and designing the first image. It will follow loosely the novel I have written for the Beekeeper Parade Story. About a boy who runs away from home with his little sister, to find a cure to save her life. Written for anyone who has ever thought they could change the world, and tried. 


7: Nappy Bags: We are at the stage of researching.


8: Pins: We forgot to include this. But we have been designing our own pins and will bring in our own designs in. Expect at the very least the coolest Bee pin around. 

 If you would like to help us grow and participate in the survey please go here. You will receive a special 20% OFF code for you to use :). 

That’s it. If you have read this far…thank you so much. I will keep you updated if we are able to bring any of these products to life. 


We will try our best. 


Much Love,

The BeeKeeper Team! Xxx

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  • Hi,
    I have just received my order of 5 weekend bags which I will use for Christmas presents for our 5 daughters and their families. They are beautiful and I am so happy and really looking forward to filling them with goodies for everyone. Thank you very much. 😍 PS I still think mine, which I bought over 12 months ago, is the prettiest: it’s based on a beautiful satinish red ❤️

    Val Down on
  • Keep up the amazing work! Love your work and products! So inspiring and committed to giving back to others!
    Stay safe and looking forward to your new products 🙂

    Sharon Freeman Wright on

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