The Story of Black Friday

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According to some research, Australians will spend up to 3.9 billion dollars on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Whether these research and predictions are correct or not, everyone agrees there will be a lot of spending.

This is an extraordinary amount of consumption over such a short period of time. Every dollar spent, is a vote for the kind of world we will live in.

All the biggest companies will be involved again this year. As a small brand that is anti fast-fashion and over-consumption, it has been an extra challenge navigating our way through these 'sales' times.

In the past, we have avoided even mentioning Black Friday in any of our copy, and our company policy has been to 'never have any sales', and only on very special occasions, such as when we raised funds on World Refugee day. 

This year, as part of our learning and (internal) growing, we are going to participate. Afterwards, we will unpack and assess how our involvement fits with who we are. If in fact, our supporters and keepers, appreciate this gesture and reward at this time? Will this give us exposure to new customers who don't particularly, shop for ethical and sustainable items, but because we are present and represented, will choose, ethical and sustainable over other brands? We will find out.

So save this date, if it is at all of interest to you :)

Visit us in real life if you can in our Melbourne Central shop or our Fitzroy shop. But if you can't, visit us online, to see what we have to offer. As we try to give people a good option, amongst a flood of mass produced options, on this day. 

If you are planning on visiting our Melbourne Central store, just letting you know, Melbourne Central is offering free parking that day for it's shoppers :)

***Upcycled tote-bag. We also pack our (backpack and bigger) online orders in these bags, so you don't have to throw away the packaging, but get a cool, re-usable and strong tote bag too!***


As a side note, we are developing a special loyalty program to reward all of our keepers all year round. So get excited about that! 

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day!

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

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