The 'WORLDโ€™S BEST DAD' ๐ŸŒ Card (that grows)

The 'WORLDโ€™S BEST DAD' ๐ŸŒ Card (that grows)

These amazing cards from Planet Go Round are made from special paper that has seeds embedded into them. Once you have gifted the card to a loved one. They can plant the paper in soil and watch it magically grow into something beautiful. The Peace Card will grow into Australian Swan River Daisies.ย 

Step 1: Read the message of love in these cards that a loved one has given you.ย 

Step 2: Soak card in water for 1 minute and plant in your garden or pot with good seed raising soil, water well.ย 

Step 3: Watch it grow. During the summer months water well, seedlings will sprout in 4 - 14 days. ย 

Size: Card 8.5cm X 13cm, Envelope 9cm X 14.5cm

Made locally in Australia.ย