The Pinup 📌 BeeKeeper Bucket Hats
The Pinup 📌 BeeKeeper Bucket Hats

The Pinup 📌 BeeKeeper Bucket Hats

BeeKeeper Parade Bucket Hats

We are super excited to add hats to the BeeKeeper Parade collection. Beginning with bucket hats. They come in one adult size  and are a fun, fashionable addition to your BeeKeeper Parade collection :)

Apart from protecting you from the suns rays, looking cooler than cool and placing you one (or two) steps ahead of the rest, they also do one more essential thing that benefits you, other people in your world and the planet you live in. They:

Help reduce clothing and fashion waste because it has been created from materials and fabrics that have been donated to us in Melbourne (from individuals, interior designers, upholsterers and fabric distributors) and also dead-stock, excess fabrics, and off-cuts from local factories in Cambodia.


* The picture of the hat may be slightly different to the one you receive. Hats are made from the same fabric, but may vary slightly, depending on where pattern, flowers or animals fall on your particular hat.

* Linings of fabrics also may differ. But we send the one in the picture here first.

Large/adult size: 56cm - 58cm (head circumference)