BeeKeeper Parade's Magical Firestar Dragon Pin

BeeKeeper Parade's Magical Firestar Dragon Pin

Expected arrival April 10th: Our Firestar dragon can fly and breathe fire. Apart from great strength, he also has the power of wisdom, farsight and foresight, and the only one of our magical creatures to fly past the skies and amongst the stars, traveling to other planets (see the constellation on his wings? Do you recognise it?). The Firestar Dragon also has the magical ability to glow in the dark.

Each magical creature lives in the BKP Universe and do exist in our novel we are writing, about a boy, who runs away from home with his little sister, to find a cure to save her life.

In their epic journey for this cure, they encounter magical creatures who help them along the way. They also encounter 'dark' creatures who hinder them. But that is another collection. Like our jigsaw puzzle, this comes from our hearts, and we invite you in, to another world, and deeper into our story.

Each magical creature, have their own characteristics and innate powers and abilities, like all of us. Which magical creature do you connect with most? Maybe, you are more than one?

We have noticed customers personalising bags with pins! So we thought we would stock some of the coolest pins around. It's time Keepers to get your #pingame on! You can also wear them on your clothes too!

Our high quality pins will be posted in a padded envelope.


-2″ tall or wide (depending on pin design)
-Hard enamel
-Gold plated metal finish
-2 pin post with rubber back

Thank you so much for your support :)