Philodendron Brasil Espalier

Philodendron Brasil Espalier


The Philodendron Brasil is famous for it's heart-shaped green and gold leaves. It is very easy to care for and can tolerate an array of lighting conditions. But also, it has heart shaped leaves, and brings magic to your room. Very popular trailing plant for hanging baskets and high places. With a lovely cascading vine full of soft green leaves, this plant is ideal in hard to reach places as framing for a room or brightening up home or workspaces. A must on your indoor plant list.  


Light: Philodendron Brasil's love bright filtered, indirect sunlight. But can tolerate lower lighting conditions, but growth will be slower. 

 Water: You should water your plant when the first couple of inches of soil are dry. Poke your finger in the soil to check its dryness. Water through and let it drain. Do not let soil stay water logged as this may cause root rot.


The plant you will receive will be close to the one in the picture. As living creatures, like us, they all grow differently, are individuals and slightly different. Which is excellent! 

If you choose pot size 140mm the plant will be anywhere between 30-50cm plus centimetres in height. 

In your home, in the right conditions, they can grow to a 1mtr long! Woah!

Plants come in nursery growing pots. Decorative pots, plant is photographed in is not included in price. Shop pots here.


All our indoor plants (at present) are delivered in person. We can deliver within a radius of 20km from Melbourne CBD for a flat rate of $15.

Alternatively, you may choose to click and collect your plant from our warehouse in Kensington, 3031. (Please note, we will call you the next day after your order is processed to organise collection).

If ordered by 6pm you can expect to receive or collect your order either the next day or the following day. If ordered on Friday, delivery or collection will be the next Monday.

If you are ordering this as a gift, please leave a note, and we will write your special message to the lucky recipient :). Yay.

That's it! Enjoy greener living. If you need plant assistance please contact us. 

And don't forget! 

"For every plant you buy, we will plant a tree out there in the world (but really Victoria somewhere". We will invite you to join us to do this!