The Swans 🦢 13inch BeeKeeper Laptop Sleeve
The Swans 🦢 13inch BeeKeeper Laptop Sleeve

The Swans 🦢 13inch BeeKeeper Laptop Sleeve

The 13inch BeeKeeper Laptop Sleeves

Our awesome Laptop Sleeve is perfect to help protect and cushion your 13inch laptop. Particularly The MacBook 13.3inch laptop. We use it all the time with enough room to slip in a notebook or two.

Many of our beautiful customers, supporters, keepers, use these sleeves as notebook, document and book holders too. 

Apart from protecting your much loved computer, tablet, and books, they also do these two essential things that benefits you, other people in your world and the planet you live in:

Helps reduce waste by using fabric remnants discarded by local factories in Cambodia. Or are made from excess fabrics donated to us in Melbourne. 

For every BeeKeeper Laptop/Tablet Sleeve  you buy, you will help children access quality education in rural Cambodia. That is an incredible thing to be able to do for a child!

Each laptop sleeve uses velcro to close the main body. Each laptop sleeve has a button down pocket for cables, pens and other things.

PLEASE NOTE: the fabric linings may vary, depending on what is available. 

Size: 25cm X 34cm X 1.5cm

Pocket size: 16cm X 14cm

Weight: 0.3 kg