BeeKeeper’s Signature Wrapping Paper 🐝 Yellow

BeeKeeper’s Signature Wrapping Paper 🐝 Yellow

Our lovely and unique BeeKeeper Signature Gift wrapping paper will be sure to make your gifts look extra extra special 🎁💝. Made from premium quality 60gsm paper with cute element designs that tell our story and makes the perfect wrapping paper for any occasion 🎄. Can you see the Sophia Saly School, the kids, a forest, bags a bee and more? Kindness Delivered. 

This paper is 50cm wide and sold by the metre so you choose the length of the roll. Giving you extra flexibility to mix and match with other gift wrap designs without having to buy more paper than you need.

Our wrapping paper is made with 100% Solar Energy, printed on a certified chain of custody sustainable plantation forest paper and is fully recyclable and compostable. Has a zero footprint carbon offset and is proudly made in Australia by a small business 💓♻️🌳☀️🎁