Gift Of Life Program

We expect to launch our GIFT OF LIGHT SOLAR project in SEPTEMBER 2016

In 2014, the Sophia Saly School was built and officially opened in April 20th of that year. We have been working with the principal and teachers, the school committee and education officials to discover what the next steps are as we pursue access to quality education for the students together.

One of the learnings from this is a desire and need for access to clean renewable energy sources. The benefits of this are many. It would allow parents of the students an alternative to the dangerous kerosene lamps they currently use and car batteries which are difficult to dispose of cleanly. It also buys children time, extra hours to study in the evenings at home. This is extremely important, and we have discovered, this improves their enjoyment of their studies immensely.Β  We are currently in the research phase and seeking partners in this area to create a project that is both sustainable and has positive impact. We hope to launchΒ our first Gift of Light Solar Project in September 2016.