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The Gift Tags (that grows) 10 Pack
The Gift Tags (that grows) 10 Pack

The Gift Tags (that grows) 10 Pack

These amazing Gift Tags from Planet Go Round are made from special paper that has seeds embedded into them. Once you have given your gift  with th8s tag aatached to a loved one. They can plant the paper in soil and watch it magically grow into something beautiful. The Peace Card will grow into Australian Swan River Daisies. 

Step 1: Read the message of love in these cards that a loved one has given you. 

Step 2: Soak card in water for 1 minute and plant in your garden or pot with good seed raising soil, water well. 

Step 3: Watch it grow. During the summer months water well, seedlings will sprout in 4 - 14 days.  

Size: 5.5cm X 10cm

Qty: 10 gift tags in each pack.

Please Note: String not included

Made locally in Australia.