BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop
BeeKeeper Custom Workshop

BeeKeeper Custom Workshop


"Thanks for a great workshop BeeKeeper Parade, so much fun watching Luis & Ziggy design their custom bags." - Ali 

*** We will email you to request your preferred workshop date and session time***

We are super excited to offer our Customisation Workshops this April 2022. They have always been super fun! We don't know when we will get the chance to do another one so book in now to now to not miss out on a unique and beautiful experience:)

Please note that this is a slow fashion process :) so it will take a while for your finished 'art piece' to arrive back.

All products made during this series (APRIL 2022) will be ready and completed to be posted out to you by Sep 30th. So it is a long time away, but way in time for Christmas if you are thinking ahead 🎄🎁🎒 (This is one of the impacts of covid on freight and logistics)  

You will have access to our supply of beautiful fabrics but you may also bring in your own, in the past people have brought I clothing to Upcycle, some with sentimental value and beautiful stories, making some of the most precious items or gifts ❤️. 

The $25 dollars listed here is the customisation workshop fee only. Part of this fee is to help off-set freight costs. On the day, you may choose which item you would like to customise and may pay the difference on the day. Below is the customisation price-list dependent on which product you choose. 


Weekender Large: $204

Weekender Medium: $184

Royal Backpack: $154

Mini-Royal or Classic Shirt Backpack: $134

Handbag: $94

Shoulder Bag (NEW!): $84

Purse or Bumbag: $60

Tote bag and Makeup Bags: $50

Other product lines will also be available.

* For discounted pricing if you intend to make more than 5 items, please contact us at 

We will email you to confirm the day and time of the workshop you would like to book into.

We have extended workshops until the April 30th :) Session times available are generally below: 


Mon-Wed: 10-12pm, 12-2pm and 2-4pm

Thu-Fri: 10-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm and 6-8pm

Sat-Sun: 10-12pm, 12-2pm and 2-4pm

* We are flexible with session times so please let us know.

Here is some more general things to know about the workshop: 

  • There is no sewing involved in this workshop. You will learn the different pattern pieces required and how we construct our bags. You will understand where each pattern piece fits into the construction of the bag and may choose which type of fabric goes where. Or if you are happy with your one fabric you may decide what part of the pattern should feature more prominently. 
  • You will have access to over 300kg of designer fabrics from our supply. So you don't need t ok bring you own if you don't have any.
  • You may also bring your own fabrics  or clothing you wish to up-cycle or use. You may bring some and choose to mix fabrics together. 

Here the fabrics required for each product:


  • Weekender: 2mtrs square
  • Royal Backpack: 1.2mtrs square
  • Mini-Royal Backpack: 80cm square
  • Smaller items: 70cm square to be safe :)


  • We have had past participants bring in kimonos, jackets, shirts, pants, dresses and t-shirts to up-cycle. 
  • Almost anything is suitable to use, however, we don’t recommend any silk, lace or very thin materials. The thicker the fabric, the more robust and strong. If you have a thin fabric we can add structure to it by adding interfacing to it. 
  • We have had children participate with their parents or guardian. It is a fun activity to do together. 
  • One of the funnest parts of customising your bags is mixing and matching different colours, textures and fabrics to your bag.
  • Expect to draw on fabric with chalk. Choose which bit goes where and create a one-of-kind piece. And cutting the fabric too! And having lots of fun. 
  • You can make an all black bag if you like. It doesn't have to be multicoloured or anything. It's for you to customise into something you would like. 
  • Once your pattern fabric pieces has been chosen, drawn and carefully cut, we will send to our production house in Cambodia. To be sewn and put together. It will return, ready to be posted to you by September 30th 2022. 
  • We will have complimentary snacks and drinks for this April workshop series.
  • It usually takes 2hours to complete the bigger items. The smaller items can be much quicker to complete.
  • Workshops will be held at our Pop-Up Shop at Highpoint Shopping Centre: Level 3 (opposite Uniqlo) 120-200 Rosamund Street, Maribyrnong, VIC 3032.

This is going to be a fun and awesome experience! We thank you so much for your support. You will also be helping reduce waste, create ethical employment for people in Cambodia and contribute to providing access to quality education for kids living in rural Cambodia. 

We hope this list answers all your questions. But it you have more please email at this address:

We will happily answer :) Happy Customising! x