Due to some exciting projects we are working on for this year we have turned our CUSTOM WORKSHOP space into a Woodwork space (Oooh what could it be we are doing!?!?) Unfortunately, this means that we cannot hold dedicated workshops until at least August 2018. 

But, in the meantime, we are opening one-on-one tutorials during business hours in our 422 Brunswick Street Shop Space. But by booking only.  Please call our shop on 0423 775 521 or email buzz@beekeeperparade.com for more details and to arrange booking.  

All custom workshop pieces/orders completed by April 25th will mean an expected delivery date of May 18th 2018. 

Here are some other notes that you may find useful:

  • Help clean up the planet by up-cycling existing fabrics and materials into a one-of-a-kind BeeKeeper Backpack or Weekender Bag.

  • Learn about the process of making and constructing our bags. Which will be your bag ;) And also a bit more about our story. 

  • The workshop fee is $50. Apart from giving you design and personalisation control of your very own bag, this cost covers the extra time and work required by our staff to make your bag, covers the extra transportation cost and gives you access to exclusive, high quality, designer fabric donated to us from various sources. 

  • However, you may also choose to bring in your own fabric to use to customise your bag. If this fabric/clothing has meaning to you then even better! You will need approximately 1.5m X 2m. But you can combine things together.

  • But of course you will have access to our supply of designer fabric for you to choose from if you don't have any fabrics! Some of these fabrics that have been donated are very expensive. You can mix and match :)

  • Don’t forget you will also contribute to education in rural Cambodia ;)

  • If you wish to just choose the fabrics you would like made and not cut or chalk your bag, that is also okay. We will do it for you. You can just fill the form and everything will be done for you! 

  • No sewing in this workshop :) Making a BeeKeeper bag is really difficult. That would be an advanced class workshop.

  • The cost is the retail price of whichever bag you choose to make, plus the $50 custom workshop fee. For example, a mini-royal bag is $99 + $50 = $149.

Upcycled clothes
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