The Great Tuk Tuk Rally

The Great Tuk Tuk Rally is a unique event that will take you approximately 650km across the heart and soul of a nation. It is created for the person who seeks adventure, yearns for something more, experience new experiences, listens for silence, embraces the chaos and maybe in it all find the one thing they were looking for. And at the same time help find a cure for cancer and contribute to giving children living in rural Cambodia access to quality education. The rally was created to give people all over the world a unique opportunity to experience adventure. But it comes from a special place. And was created to raise funds for cancer research and support access to quality education for children living in rural Cambodia.

“I remember a few weeks after my sister had succumbed to cancer, standing amongst a crowd of people, watching from the sidelines. Before me were these brave people that were about to cycle 200kms to raise funds for cancer research as part of the Peter Mac Conquer Cancer Ride. The announcer said to look at all the yellow flags attached to some of the riders. Those riders were battling cancer at that very moment. I broke down because Sophia was meant to be one of them. He said that it was Peter Mac’s vision that we would find a cure for cancer within our life­time. Up to that point I felt powerless. No control over stopping my sister’s pain. No ability to stop my tears. Just an empty useless shell of nothing. I felt like the worst kind of human. And I didn’t want to be the worst kind. I wanted to be a better kind. In that moment, I vowed that I would find a way to help find that cure. The Great Tuk Tuk Rally is me finding a way to help find that cure.” ­
Koky Saly TGTTR Founder and Game Architect
100% of funds raised via The Great Tuk Tuk Rally 2016 will be divided equally and donated to  The Peter Mac Cancer Research Centre and BabyTree Project'sSolar Project in rural Camboda.
Upcycled Clothing

* At the gates of Koky Temple. Somewhere in Cambodia.

The rally is like the Amazing Race but way better ;) It's a rally with purpose and meaning. Designed to challenge you across it's five core values: Time, Courage, Trust, Friendship and Adventure. The rally will give you privileges and access to places and people that many visitors don't get.


The game architect was born and imprisoned in Koky Temple in a small village in Cambodia during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. You will be invited to this place. But first you will have to find it, you will be given clues to help you but you will need to use your wits to solve them. And you will need to earn them by successfully completing challenges along the way. By your side will be your team mate and by your team's sides will be other teams.

All teams vying for the glory and the right to call themselves The Champions of the Inaugural Great Tuk Tuk Rally. The first of what we hope will be many future rallies. 

We recommend you Download the Rally Information Handbook. And if you feel like you are up for it then click that button below. The one that looks like a pink pill. Click that.

Next Rally scheduled for January 7th - 20th 2016. Places limited. 

Watermarked gallery images have been taken by the incredible Edan Chapman Photography.