Sea Shepherd Keep Cup - Sm 227ml


Sea Shepherd Keep Cup - Sm 227ml


"Every year, Australians use one billion disposable coffee cups of which a large majority end up in landfill. In fact, coffee cups now make up the second largest contributor to litter in this country behind plastic bottles."

The Sea Shepherd Keep Cups do some amazing things:

- They help reduce landfill waste.

- Help protect the world's oceans and marine life through the work of Sea Shepherd.

- And for a limited time. From now until Christmas we will shout you coffee at STREAT cafe. A Melbourne based organisation that helps stop youth homelessness and disadvantage. If you are not in Melbourne we will make a donation to them on your behalf :)

Three cool ways to help change the world into a cleaner and fairer one.

Med 18oz/ 227ml



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