Pouch (Small) - The Sweetest Thing SQ2177384

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Pouch (Small) - The Sweetest Thing SQ2177384


THE SWEETEST THINGS: We've accumulated a lot of scraps from making our products and we've kept them, transforming them into the sweetest things.

Perfect for to put just about anything in. Glasses, Make-up, pencils, money, coins, stardust, unicorns etc etc etcetera. Apart from carrying your very important iddy-biddy things and placing you one (or two) steps ahead of the rest, they also do one more essential thing that benefits you, other people in your world and the planet you live in. They:

Help reduce clothing and fashion waste because it has been created from what was once old and turned into something new. 


* The linings of the pouch may vary, depending on what is available. 

Size: 2cm X 20cm X 10cm


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