The English Program

We expect to launch our English program project in april 2016...

In 2014, the Sophia Saly School was built and officially opened in April 20th of that year. We have been working with the principal and teachers, the school committee and education officials to discover what the next steps are as we pursue access to quality education.

One of the learnings from this is a desire and need for an English Program in addition to the Khmer school curriculum. We are currently in the design and testing phase and we hope to launch our English program in April 2016. After which, we hope to replicate the program in BabyTree Projects other shcools.

The Sophia Saly School turns one! Watch this beautiful video to see the latest happenings. If you would like to send one of these kids to English Class for one whole year then head over to our store and purchase yourself an awesome BeeKeeper Backpack. To help us grow our wings, please share this video. Thanks a million ;)