The Denim Drive Mini-Pouch


The Denim Drive Mini-Pouch


The Denim Drive BeeKeeper Mini-Pouch

Our awesome Denim Drive Mini-Pouch is perfect for to put just about anything in. Make-up, pencils, money, coins etc etc. Apart from carrying your very important iddy-biddy things and placing you one (or two) steps ahead of the rest, they also do these one more essential thing that benefits you, other people in your world and the planet you live in. This special case has been made from donated denim as part of Melbourne Central's Denim Drive in April. This means each case:

Helps reduce clothing and fashion waste because it has been created from what was once old and turned into something new. 


* The #DenimDrive Pouches is made from donated jeans and jackets donated to us. We are currently sitting on 1 tonne that we are trying to upcycle. Slowly but surely :)

* Each pouch is slightly different depending on the denim used and patchwork. It is not exactly as it appears in this picture.

* The linings of the pouch may vary, depending on what is available. 

Size: 2cm X 20cm X 10cm

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