The BeeKeeper Classic Backpack - SQ6973902

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The BeeKeeper Classic Backpack - SQ6973902


The BeeKeeper Classic Backpack

This backpack is our marquee product and magicked us into existence in 2014 with much promise and success.

They are designed to be high quality, functional, and made under fair trade principles. Their uniqueness also sets the wearer apart from the norm. They embrace different and celebrate positive change. But they also do two significant things that benefits you, other people in the world and help protect the planet we live on:

1: For every BeeKeeper Classic Backpack that you buy, you will send a child in rural Cambodia to English class for one whole year.

 2: Each BeeKeeper Classic Backpack help tackle the world's massive textile  waste issue by sourcing shirts headed for landfill and recreating them into unique badass backpacks.

Also, it has these practical features:

- Button up front compartment.

- Laptop compartment on the inside with organiser.

- Inside zip pocket.

- Two side pockets for your water bottles.

Size: 40cm X 30cm X 15cm

Weight: 0.7kg


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