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100% of funds raised via The Great Tuk Tuk Rally 2016 will be divided equally and donated to  The Peter Mac Cancer Research Centre and BabyTree Project's Solar Project in rural Camboda.

In 2014 I embarked on a journey to Cambodia, to help BabyTree Projects build a school as a legacy to the late Sophia Saly.  What a journey it was and one that stole my heart and changed my life forever.  I was touched by so many beautiful children, inspired by amazing volunteers and determined to continue to support a country that, despite the atrocities of the past, continued to blossom.  I felt privileged to be a part of such an amazing project that was going to impact the lives of so many children and help to break the cycle of poverty in a rural Cambodian community.

I am in awe of the exceptional work that Koky Saly (co-founder of BabyTree Projects) does and am a huge supporter of his sustainable and very ethical business BeeKeeper Parade.   BeeKeeper Parade is yet another example of his generosity and the terrific work he does to support children so that they have access to quality education.  Now the Tuk Tuk Rally is back for it’s second year and I couldn’t think of a better way of spending my holidays then trekking across Cambodia, visiting all the schools and tackling challenges along the way.   I would love all the support I can get!  So spread the word!

Jeff and Jenny Guild - $500

Wish you all the best in your endeavours and we love that you are so passionate about Cambodian people and giving them a right to education. No doubt about you, you are always prepared to help. Love Mum and Dad Xx

Diemmy Pham

I am privileged to have a teacher that lets us strive to new places and achieve what we would have never have a tiny thought of doing. You really have made me inspired to do new things and make a difference. Best of luck for the time you are spending on the Tuk Tuk Rally!

Simone Guild - $100

Alicia you are an inspiring young woman. Love your heart, love your soul and love your passion to make a difference. Go girl!!

Kylie Middlemiss - $150

What an incredible adventure, in a beautiful country, for such very special people. So proud of you for getting out there and being out of your comfort zone for such a wonderful cause. You'll be amazing - can't wait for all the photos and stories!

Jess Hennig - $25

Well done Alicia. You have a heart of gold. All the best Love Jess, Dan & Addy

Lashuana Saniya and Chenuri Year 5 Mount View - $115

Sometimes, big difference doesn't make a difference, but lots of little ones do. We love the work that BeeKeeper do and wish you all the best Miss Guild!

Rick Powley - $50

Have a fantastic trip. Wish I was there and please give my love to everyone.

Julie Gray - $25

Peter Bellairs - $50

Christine McKenna - $100

Nan and Bernadette McKenna - $100

Have a nice Xmas in Cambodia. Well done for having a go and don't fall out of the Tuk Tuk's. See you when you get back. Love Nan & Bern

Narelle Levry - $40

Sharon Ammerlaan - $50

Sarah Clements - $50

You are an absolute inspiration, Alicia! An amazing woman with a big heart. Have an amazing trip! Xx

Kate Baxter - $200

Gretchen O’Donnell - $50

John Kennedy - $100

Well done Alicia on being part of such a wonderful project.

Jenni Hogan - $130

Tony Shentu - $10

Yvonne Phillips - $25

Alison Rees - $50

Carly Cunningham - $50

Congratulations on supporting such a wonderful cause and inspiring so many of us to think about what we can do! Have a fabulous trip xx

Sara Kenfield - $50

Have an awesome time Alicia and stay safe and sound. I'll look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Take lots of photos!!

Joan Hardingham - $25

Christine Webb - $25

Elysia Grant - $50

Jennifer Bartley - $50

I'm sure you will be such a blessing to these children.

Ashley O'Neill - $50

Fiona Chear - $100

Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and an amazing teacher! We wish you all the best in Cambodia and hope you have a safe trip. I think everyone should be selfless and give to others in need just like Miss Guild and hopefully the challenges as part of the Tuk Tuk Rally doesn't involve any spiders! Mostly importantly have fun and please continue to do the wonderful work you do

Amilya Senevirat - $10

Ebony Dijk - $100

Brad Guild - $160

Farah Irani - $50   You are an inspiration ! Thank you for helping such a great cause. Go get them girl!

Kristen Knight - $50 What an amazing adventure and impact you are having! We're cheering for you xx

Agnes and Graeme McIntyre - $20 Congratulations on your amazing achievements Alicia! We always knew you were going to do great things when you helped us during the 2011 floods and gave up your holidays to help prepare food for the displaced people. Continue to do wonderful things for others Xx

Christine Brown - $25

Terri Klein - $50

Karen Eldridge - $50

Georgie Kennedy - $25

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